Living Spirituality

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A couple of years ago, someone said to me that being spiritual wasn't a good thing because it would mean withdrawing from society, and living an isolated life. I replied that this isn't the way I see spirituality. Spirituality is not just something Continue Reading

Being And The Now


I'd like to say some words about being and the concept of the present moment, also called the now. In order to experience inner peace, we're often encouraged to 'be present', to 'be in the now'. This is a misunderstanding. There is no present Continue Reading



Being is beautiful, peaceful. It is the state of pure awareness, where thoughts and feelings cease to exist. You experience being many times without knowing it: when you see a sunset, or walk in the mountains or by the sea. Get to know the nature of Continue Reading



If you want inner peace, one of the most important things you can do is to learn about fear. It is fear that stands between you and the peace you long for. Be aware of fear, watch the way it rises in your mind in the form of a worrying thought. Continue Reading

My First Interview

Last year, I was interviewed by Cherrise Boucher, life coach and energy healer, and host of the Inspire-View-Series. It was fun to do! I was nervous, and forgot to look at the camera, but I hope you enjoy it:) Click on the 'Continue' button, and Continue Reading

Is There A Real You?

There's a lot of talk about the real self. What is it, where is it, does it exist? Recently, I listened to a Ted Talk (2011) with philosopher and author Dr Julian Baggini who addresses the question, ‘Is There A Real You?’ Having spent most of my Continue Reading

Thinking Versus Being


One of the most profound things I learnt on the inner journey that brought me back to my soul is that thinking and 'being' are two separate things. We can't think and be at the same time. We are either thinking, or in a state of being. You may Continue Reading

Love Will Always Find A Way


We struggle with life, and get stressed with things on the surface, while underneath, deep within us, there is a state of peace, beauty and power that we hardly know exists. This inner state of peace, beauty and power is the soul, love. Love is Continue Reading

FEAR – A Poem


Fear. A state of mind. Frightening, painful, but neither true, nor real. Beneath your fear you’ll find freedom, peace, beauty, power. The choice is yours. Gabrielle Bergan 2015 Image: Continue Reading